On 25th of October 2005 some professionals of the national health care system set up AIRUD, acronym for “Associazione Italiana Responsabili degli Uffici di Direzione” (in English: Italian Association of people responsible for management departments). This non-profit making association is neither political nor trade-union and it is part of the private and state hospitals’ world.

From the very beginning the aim of AIRUD is to involve people using some methodologies as health care system management tools in the Italian hospitals. Some of these tools are: the clinical management, the risk management, the quality improvement of the provided services, the public relations, the ECM software and the internal and external communication. Statistics and epidemiology and the management control have been added to these tools. The basic idea of AIRUD is to give to a sound and cultured management education the possibility to be always present at the integration of all these branches of learning as tools of a single data based management approach.

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