Mission of AIRUD

The aim of AIRUD is to manage the transformation processes of the regional and national health care systems, by assuring the engagement needed for supporting those people who use these methodologies or those people whose official job is to manage these important activities in the hospitals.

AIRUD intend:

- To standardize and to make the organization rules of these departments uniform

- To standardize the main carried out activities

- To assure the administrative departments of the hospitals, which are real clients of these activities, some results which can be evaluated yearly, by using indicators that can be fixed and shared both at national and regional level.  

All these activities could make the job of the professionals, who are involved in the management of these departments, easier, clear, improved and, above all, they could make the support given to the administrative departments of the hospital authorities evident and quantifiable. AIRUD want to carry out this plan thanks to team works such as cultural laboratories. The aim of these works is to really analyse the local situation and to encourage a constructive study work and the construction of real proposals made by national and regional institutional seats. At the beginning, the works are divided up into six thematic sections; afterwards the results of the thematic sections become only one work. By using together all different methodologies, this work supplies innovative, brilliant and real solutions in comparison with those supplied by a monothematic analysis. In 2005 the AIRUD board of directors named the doctor Gianni Perilli as national president and it confirmed him in his appointment as national president in 2008 and 2011. The founders of AIRUD were Dr. Carlo Campagna, Dr. Margherita Diana, Dr. Prassede Martina, Dr. Katia Trombetta, Dr. Francesco Paolo Semeraro and Dr. Gianni Perilli.

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